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One might think that the importance of a logo is hugely overblown, especially if the business is not committed to branding. Branding is about positioning. It’s about living a promise and creating a relationship with your customer. It’s not about investing in a graphic design.

In today’s world, logos are important even after the brand is established. Even then effective logos don’t really need to be these super creative works of art with visualizations of your product or values but could be better off with just your name, using a unique font presentation.

The logo is a symbol that provides the customers with instant and powerful brand recognition of your business and the products or services that the company offers, but it is also critical to ensure that the logo sends across the right message to the customer to maintain a consistent brand image and increase customer recognition as a weak message could weaken your overall marketing strategy.

When you discuss Microsoft, one can’t recall Microsoft having a logo. So much for all the thought and money that went into that four-colored window pane. At the same time, there is probably not a person in America, and most of the world, who doesn’t know that the Golden Arches belong to McDonald’s. You don’t even have to see the name to know.

A logo can also clearly reflect that message the brand wants to convey, therefore a strong association between the brand and the logo is inevitable. A logo should not only reflect growth and professionalism no matter how small the company is today, but also ensure that the logo one selects is not dated but can be used effectively year after year keeping in mind how consumers would perceive the company in order to be continually associated with it in the times to come.

The mission of your logo is to portray the values and goals of your company to the stake holders and hence having clearly defined values and goals is preordained. A logo is not branding. While it’s common for people to mistake a logo as the ‘company branding’, the logo is only a part of the entire corporate branding/marketing strategy acting like a small ad for the company apart from differentiating you from the competition.


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  • 1. Adrian Addesso  |  January 6, 2010 at 12:57 pm

    Hi! I think that the companies Logo is very important and that we must think who is going to design it, the designers background, experience and others. I´m trying a new website called Guerra Creativa, here´s the link very cool and easy to use with lots of designers.

  • 2. Ikshu Nandwani  |  January 7, 2010 at 4:02 pm

    I think your website provides a great platform for all creative people. good luck with it!

  • 3. nupur  |  July 4, 2012 at 8:17 pm

    thank you! this article is very useful


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