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The major difference between a manager and a leader is that managers have reportees while leaders have followers. In the arena of marketing, these leaders can create a tribe which not only evangelizes the brand but also advocates it.

Gone are the days when the only contact you had with a brand was the salesperson who would sell you the merchandise. In the new age, the biggest salesperson is the man or woman sitting at the top of the organization. Today, CEO’s receive the same if not more, media coverage than models or celebrities. The CEO’s are no longer confined to the boardroom chalking out strategy but are selling their brand and building their tribes.

Lets take an example of Apple, Steve Jobs has been the leader of the i-Generation (any one with iPod, iPhone, iPad or anything ‘i’). He has been instrumental in the launch of each and every revolutionary product from Apple. His turtle neck and jeans along with his coolness while demonstrating any of his product has been accepted by consumers as a genuine demonstration of technology evangelism. Imagine having a movie star telling you about the iPhone versus Steve Jobs keynotes.

Another great example would be from Microsoft, where Bill Gates recently had a video created for his (supposedly) last day at work at Microsoft. The video went viral and so did the message that even the GEEK GOD could be cool or at least try to be. Virgin’s Richard Branson is a great example of a leader who has activated his tribe through his daredevil stunts and exuberance.

Like the two sides to the coin, every positive has a negative and leaders may attract a lot of negative publicity as well. For example, the exit of former HP CEO Mark Hurd didn’t go well with investors or consumers. Facebook’s Mark Zukerberg is the best example of a leader who has seen both sides of the coin, with his contradicting appearances on the television serial The Simpsons and the movie The Social Network.

Lets look at some CEO’s and what quality they personify

Steve Jobs – Innovation
Bill Gates – Charity
Richard Branson – Daredevilry
Ratan Tata – Integrity

Finally, faceless companies have a face that the consumer can identify and relate to. These tribes are what most businesses need, and who better to lead this tribe than the man or woman at the top of the organization.


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