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As I watch the entire Tahrir square celebrate the end of the Mubharak regime, I wonder how difficult it must have been to get all these people out in the streets fighting for the same cause. In the past, during the Indian freedom movement, messages would be sent months in advance via messengers who would travel to various parts of the country and try to garner support.

Unfortunately the Indian freedom fighters did not have YouTube, Facebook or Twitter to help them fight their oppressive rulers. In Egypt, the spark that set the nation on fire seems to have come from a YouTube video by a girl called Asma Mahfouz whose 5 minute video helped set into motion a revolution that led to Egypt’s freedom from three decades of Mubharak’s oppressive rule. This video was in support of the We Are All Khaled Saeed group on Facebook which was formed by a Googler who wanted to bring to light the murder of an Egyptian youth Khaled Saeed at the hands of the Egyptian police. In a matter of days, tens of thousands of like minded protestors filled the central square to voice their discontent against a corrupt and oppressive government while the rest of the world followed each moment of this revolution through real-time updates on Twitter. Maybe, this social media campaign was not as significant as the cause itself, however I am sure that given the cause, this may be the most powerful tool to mobilize supporters.

With the rising popularity of the social media platform and its availability on various internet enabled devices, growing and mobilizing your tribe is so much easier. All you need is a cause worth tweeting for !!


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