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Brand ambassadors have been one of the strongest marketing tools used for almost every product you can think of. From mobile phones to clothes and from soaps to toothpastes, almost every product category has a celebrity attached to it. In this competitive market it has become a need for every company to differentiate itself from others and attaching itself to a celebrity is just another attribute in this list.

Even though getting celebrities to endorse brands is nothing new, the impact it has today due to various media outlets has changed the way we look at celebrity endorsements. Accenture, is one of the most respected companies in the consulting space and had roped in Tiger Woods to be their brand ambassador. Their tagline emphasized on ‘High Performance… Delivered’. Unfortunately, other than the golf course, Tiger Woods was delivering high performance elsewhere. And today, Accenture has elephants conveying the same message. We have had numerous instances where the personal lives of celebrities has jeopardized the brands that they endorse.

On the other hand, companies have rode the wave of goodwill brought in by celebrities as well. Titan has changed its entire image after the launch of luxury watches with Aamir Khan as a brand ambassador. Aamir Khan, who is supposed to be a perfectionist in whatever he does has brought this attribute to the Titan Brand and what better attribute to be attached to the range of watches than perfectionism.

Companies are using celebrity rivalry to spice up their own product rivalry as well. For example, Coca Cola has Aamir Khan as a brand ambassador while Shahrukh Khan is the brand ambassador for Pepsi. Similarly, we have these stars endorsing competitive products in other product categories like DTH Cable Television (Aamir endorses Tata Sky while Shahrukh endorses Dish TV) and mobile phones ( Aamir has gone with Samsung while Shahrukh is a Nokia loyalist).

As per a reserach paper by Neha Taleja of Mudra Institute of Communication, celebrity endorsements depends on the following factors

  1. Celebrity Credibility
  2. Celebrity Profession
  3. Celebrity Physical Attractiveness
  4. Celebrity Values
  5. Celebrity Availability
  6. Celebrity Popularity
  7. Celebrity – Product Match
  8. Celebrity – Target Audience Match
  9. Celebrity – Cost of Acquisition
  10. Celebrity – Regional Attractiveness
  11. Celebrity Controversy Risk
  12. Celebrity as a Brand User
  13. Celebrity – Advertising Fit

The brand loyalty between the brand and these celebrities may be valid till the contract period however the end user’s loyalty to both the celebrity and their endorsed brand is something new age marketers have to capitalize on until the celebrity’s star power remains intact.


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