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Gone are the days of 468x60s. Well I ‘am talking about the advertising banner of size 468×60 pixels which dominated the web about a decade back. Those days, the web giants focused on non-obtrusive ads. These ads were effective enough, as people were new to the web then. As years passed by, people have become numb to this format.468x60

Today’s ads are often animated, a bit obtrusive and focus on catching the attention of the visitors. Some ad campaigns, in fact rely on getting the visitor to their landing page & then convincing them to buy the product rather than telling them what exactly is the product in the advertisement.  As some of you might have noticed, there are flash ads which entice a user to play a simple game & once you win the game it redirects you to the landing page. Well, what are the chances that you will be in a good mood when you land there.

468x60x2Pop-unders & Pop-ups used to be the only obtrusive ad formats that could effectively catch the attention of the site visitors, until a few years back. But, now we have animated flash banners, peel-overs, interstitials, in-pic ads, in-video ads & what not. I’d classify these as obtrusive ones. On the other hand, Text ads, especially the context-sensitive ones like Adsense, Adcenter, Facebook, YPN etc. have been extremely successfully because they could target the visitors much better. In-line ads like those offered by Kontera & Infolinks have been successful, but visitors generally hate these ads. In-line ads embed the advertisements within normal web-content. So, these ads cannot go unnoticed. However, the problem is with matching the keywords & ads – relevance, something that has been missing in these ads.

Innovations have not always been successful. This theory applies to web advertising as well. Google had to retire its Video Ads. Adbrite’s In-Pic ads haven’t done well.  With several big players like Microsoft, Google, Yahoo in the league, one can always expect newer, innovative ad formats. The key is providing optimal user experience, while being effective at the same time.


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