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The great Phillip Kotler says that a brand is a seller’s promise to deliver a specific set of features, benefits and service consistently. According to Al Ries, a brand is a symbol, a name or a logo that someone owns in the minds of the customer.These definitions of a brand holds true across industries. The music industry may work differently than other traditional industries, but then is it so different as to be alien to the concept of a brand? Do we have brands in the music industry?

Take a look at the picture on the left. Does it remind you of anyone?  It  would be next to impossible to find a person who listens to music and not know the pictures represents the great King of Pop Michael Jackson. The man was a perfect example of a branding in the music industry.The signature Fedora hat and sequined glove symbolized none other than him. They represent the symbol part that the definition of a brand talks about.

Now take a look at this picture on the left again. The name itself screams the style of music they make. Heavy Metal. And they have remained loyal to their name throughout their music career with heavy metal songs. No person will ever look at the name and buy a CD expecting to find mellow romantic songs inside. That is delivering a specific set of features consistently part of brand definition.

I once read that the great guitarist Eric Clapton built his own guitar by using parts of three Fender Stratocaster guitars and named it ‘Blackie’. I was touched by the bond that he shared with his guitar to the point of naming it. Now when I look at it critically, with all due respects to his love, Clapton had been shrewd. He had created a brand out of his guitar. That again was a symbol, something which reminded people of Clapton every time they saw his guitar.

These are just some of the examples to make you aware of branding in music Industry. In the music industry, branding is as prevalent as it would be in any other industry.


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